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  • Luminous IL 16039 | 135Ah- 39* Months Warranty Flat Plate battery
Luminous IL 16039 Flat Plate battery

Luminous IL 16039 Flat Plate battery

  • Capacity: 135Ah
  • Warranty: 39 Months
13700.00 10000.00 Save 30%
(Prices are inclusive of all taxes)
  • With Old Battery less (Same Ah) 2500.00
  • Without Old Battery 10000.00


  • Extra thick plates ensure long life
  • Special alloy used – very low maintenance
  • Inter partition connection-good voltage profile on discharge
  • Sleek appearance in sealed plastic housing
  • Good charge acceptance – suitable for frequent power cuts
  • Level indicators enable easy maintenance

Luminous inverter batteries are mainly available in two forms they are Flat plate batteries and Tubular batteries. Both the Luminous Invertor batteries come with exclusive features and designs. The flat plate inverter battery is a deep cycle battery featuring extra thick plates to the inverter and focuses to provide longer battery life. This inverter battery comes with easy or low maintenance feature and is made from a special type of alloy. The flat battery has a sleek design and the battery is sealed and the plastic housing is provided for proper protection. The battery has excellent voltage profile and comes with the inter partition connection. The battery comes with excellent charge acceptance feature and is best suitable for frequent load shutdowns or power cuts. The level indicators of the battery offer easy maintenance.

The other battery type that is Tubular battery also comes with the excellent features. It has a superfine structure which protects the battery from corrosion and provides high operational life to the inverter. The battery comes with strong and flexible features. It comes with oxidation resistant feature. The battery provides higher performance and provides long life cycle to the inverter. It comes with quick charge acceptance and the battery is made from fine quality material and is corrosion resistant. The battery comes with puncture resistant feature which reduces the risk of internal short circuit problems. It is been manufactured by utilising HADI that is high pressure casting machine and comes with the uniform gain structure. These Luminous Inverter batteries come with unique features and the battery comes with long life span.


Model IL 16039
Technology Flat Plate
Warranty 21 month Replacement+18 Month pro Rata
Note:- (Pro-rata warranty discounts will be applicable on prevailing MRP of the new battery)
Inverter Support 600 VA – 10 KVA
Voltage-Type 12 Volt DC 135 Ah