About Us

Luminous is the one label that one can rely on when it comes on power saving. Closely involved in inverters, battery and UPS, our aim is to revolutionise the energy supply through innovation, design sensibility and distribution network. Luminous endeavours to give the highest possible level of uncompromising quality. Our power back up and grid connected electronic power savers from inverters to UPS are capable to hold the power that proves to be our best comprehensive monitoring products.

A reliable name in the market, we always focus efficiency and best output with customised solutions for the effective utilisation of our products including Power Back Up Solutions and Power Back Up System. As a regular supplier for the energy electronics industry, Luminous maintains the international standards for better regulation. With a large customer base, we offer luminous inverters and other products which are safe electrical system for homes and business across the country. Our customers never get tired of the unlimited benefits that they get from our products that generate clean energy.


Our products meet every electronic need which is designed in state-of-art technology. So whether you need these for school, office, barns or simply a truck, our products include luminous long back up inverter, luminous Sine Wave Inverter, Higher KVA Inverter, Line Interactive UPS, Luminous Flat Plate Battery and Luminous Tubular Battery. Each product comes with specific module with photovoltaic charges suitable for outdoor and indoor use. With honest and no-pressure approach to sales, our customer services are tracked with excellence, building an unparalleled reputation in the industry. Our products offer you:

¤ Efficient and best output

¤ User friendly

¤ Maintenance free units

¤ High operational life

¤ Easy charging

¤ Affordable

Understanding the importance of the power and its utilities, we deliver assurance, reliability and safety throughout.